Children's Hair Salon 

Looking for the best style and cut for your little ones? Look no further, Little Locks Children's Salon & Toy Boutique in La Jolla, CA offers cuts, styles, and shampoos at an affordable price. We specialize in all children's styles while offering an environment catered to you kids.                                        

Getting a Haircut

Kids Haircut      0-17                                     $25


Kid's Layered cut/ Bob Styles/ Specialty Haircuts    $30

For both boys and girls. Haircut with layers or a girls bob style or A line.

Services and Prices


Bang Trim                                                        $10


Ear and Neck Trim                                            $10

Wooden Hair Comb

Tangle Comb Out               $15 

Extremely tangled and knotted hair comb out. Price is $15 for every 10 minutes spent combing out the child's hair. Please call after booking to give a little information on child's hair length and severity of the comb out so we can book accordingly.

Beautiful Braids

Braid only     15mins                $25

Wash and braid with ribbon and glittery desired. Price starts at $25 and goes up dependent upon the type of braid desired. Please consult with your stylist.

Man Getting a Haircut

Mom/Dad Haircut               $30

Price starting at $30.00
For long layers or bob style with blow dry, price may go up. Please consult with your stylist