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       Children's Hair Salon 

Looking for the best style and cut for your little ones? Look no further, Little Locks Children's Salon & Toy Boutique in La Jolla, CA offers cuts, styles, and shampoos at an affordable price. We specialize in all children's styles while offering an environment catered to you kids.                                        

Late Show Policy:

Kid getting a haircut

Kids Haircut      0-17                                     $27

Kids Layered and Bob Cut

Kid's Layered cut/ Bob Styles/ Specialty Haircuts    $32

For both boys and girls. Haircut with layers or a girls bob style or A line.

Services and Prices

We do our best to accommodate everyone but to be fair to all clients and stylists, after 5 minutes your appointment is subject to reschedule at the stylist's discretion.

Girls Braiding Service

Bang Trim                                                        $15

Kid's Ear and Neck Trim Service

Ear and Neck Trim                                            $15

Tangle Comb Out Service

Tangle Comb Out               $15 

Extremely tangled and knotted hair comb out. Price is $15 for every 10 minutes spent combing out the child's hair. Please call after booking to give a little information on child's hair length and severity of the comb out so we can book accordingly.

Beautiful Girl Braids

Braid only     15mins                $25

Wash and braid with ribbon and glittery desired. Price starts at $25 and goes up dependent upon the type of braid desired. Please consult with your stylist.

Man Getting a Haircut

Mom/Dad Haircut               $32

Price starting at $32.00
For long layers or bob style with blow dry, price may go up. Please consult with your stylist

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